Shift | A Marketing Rethink

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Shift | A Marketing Rethink

Advancements in data and technology, and AI, combined with the disruption of a global pandemic, have radically reorganized the world of marketing communications. From how people are consuming media and the techniques used to engage with them, to how we in marketing actually work together.

As an industry, it is important that we try to get ahead of the change and stop just responding to it. To think longer term. To start building the future, today.

This is the ambition of Shift.

Shift takes a look at where we have just been and where we are heading.

Bringing together the opinions of many of the leaders across the world of marketing communications with exclusive research, Shift offers an informed view of what lies ahead to help us prepare.

Shift sets out to genuinely help marketers, and their agencies, rethink marketing for tomorrow, today.