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Authors & Contributors

  • Mark Holden
    PHD Worldwide
    Worldwide Strategy & Planning Director
  • Avin Narasimhan
    PHD US
    Chief Strategy Officer, USA
  • Ben Hovaness
    SVP, Marketplace Intelligence
  • Chris Stephenson
    Regional Head of Strategy and Planning
  • Desmond Bateman
    PHD Global Business
    Head of Strategy VW Brand
  • Gemma Spence
    Global E-Commerce Director
  • James Buckle
    PHD Global Business
    Chief Digital Officer
  • Kate King
    PHD Worldwide
    Worldwide Chief Talent Officer
  • Malcolm Devoy
    PHD Worldwide
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Matt McNeany
    Code Worldwide
  • Matt Prentis
    PHD Global Business
    Head of Plannning
  • Miranda Bird
    PHD Global Business
    EMEA Client Development Officer
  • Paul Cuckoo
    PHD Worldwide
    Worldwide Head of Analytics
  • Rohan Tambyrajah
    PHD Global Business
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Scott Hagedorn
  • Shona Read
    PHD Global Business
    International Strategist
  • Slavi Samardzija
    Annalect Worldwide
    CEO, Annalect Worldwide
  • Tom Darlington
    PHD Global Business
    Strategy Director • Strategy & Innovation
  • Tom Mackenzie
    PHD Global Business
    Global Innovation Director
  • Charli Ursell
    PHD Global Business
    Head of Operations


Chapter 1: That Wave of Complexity

The last decade saw remarkable changes within marketing, driven by an explosion of digital touchpoints, advancements in data and technology and the accelerant effects of COVID-19. This chapter covers the major events that led to the levels of complexity we face today.
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Chapter 2: A Marketing Midlife Crisis.

The increasing complexity has had a serious impact on marketers and the relationship they have with their agencies. This chapter explores the growing pains felt by marketers and agencies and the resultant effect it is having on the business of marketing, today.
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Chapter 3: Building a New Ecosystem.

This chapter sets out a logical basis for where marketing functions best sit and how they all link together as part of a healthy connected system. With a suggested roadmap on how to get there.
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Chapter 4: A People-Shaped Future.

In a post-COVID world and with a focus on D&I, identifying the new talent required is one thing, finding and developing it is another. This chapter sets out how we can rethink the way we go about managing the most valuable part of the business.
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Chapter 5: Anticipating Tomorrow.

This chapter aims to peer into the near future by attempting to understand how marketing functions are changing over time, in order to help predict how marketing could change over the next five to 10 years. With an outline of new disciplines that could emerge. Including exclusive research and input from the Singularity University.
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